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How we are Technologically Superior

Electronic Design

LED's are basically semiconductor devices and hence not all LED's are exactly the same. They need to be driven at a constant current to ensure that the system is reliable.

We at Inrom, have developed a proprietary monitoring system called ActiveBalance, to ensure that all LED's are driven with exactly the same current. Our circuit is actively monitoring the LED's and it takes appropriate action in case of any imbalance.

Low-quality LED's not only diminishes the efficiency of the system, but also affects the light quality and system reliability. We use the best possible LED's in our products to mitigate this issue.

Currently power supply is the main bottleneck in the life of an LED luminaire. Our power supply’s are designed to go much beyond industry standard requirements. We have an overall efficiency of above 85% with a PF > 0.99 and the THD < 5% on our products.

Thermal Design


Efficiency and lifespan of LED lighting fixtures are adversely affected by heat. It must be ensured that certain limits of LED's are not reached.

To provide that, significant attention must be payed to the thermal design.

A computer aided thermal simulation is performed while designing all our products. Our designs are verified to have a minimum of 50,000 hours of lifespan even in worse case scenarios.



Optical Design

One of the most important advantages of LED lighting fixtures is the high light usage capability.

Reflectors get dulled over time causing unnecessary degradation in light output. Instead of reflectors used in conventional lighting systems we use high efficiency lenses (above 90%) in our products.

A well designed optical system can reduce your system wattage by an extra 15%.

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